Loota Percussion Performer Bundle

Delivery weight: 18 kg

Loota Percussion Bundle includes Loota Performer drum Set, Loota Pedal, Loota Carpet, 12"  cymbal and Rohema Poly XL cajon brush. 

Loota Percussion Bundle is on a available with all 3 colours.

Cajon based drum set.

Loota is a drum set designed in Finland. It is made 100% Finnish birch and consists of a bass drum, snare drum, cymbal and a hi-hat. Loota can be played with soft drumsticks or brushes. The bass drum is played with Loota pedal. Loota is a perfect drum set for quite settings or for lighter touch on acoustic gigs.


Playing the Loota is very close to playing a regular drum set. Only the sound of the drum is quieter than that of regular drums and is therefore ideally suited to places where you need to play quietly.


The drum set pedal, cymbal and sticks fit inside the Looda bass drum. The snare drum is inverted when playing and the whole set can be packed in its own soft carrying case. This makes it easy to carry the whole drum kit anywhere in your backpack!


Loota is made of Finnish birch and it is part of the sound. Birch has unique features and is ideal for percussion instruments.

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